Getting The Correct Amount Of Fruit And Vegetables Each Day Will Be Really Important For Maintaining A Sound Body

Many folks are already aware of the fact that it's really important to ensure you're acquiring the right amount of veggies and fruits every single day to be able to maintain a healthy body. As you were growing up you were most likely informed that you had to heat your three servings of fruits and veggies every day but something you might not be aware of is that this amount is different now. Recent research has determined that it's no longer enough to eat three servings of these items and that 5 to 9 servings will be what is required to obtain the nutrition that your body needs. Quite a lot of you might be thinking that this seems like an awful lot of food however when you break it down during the day you will find this is not nearly as much as you think.

The first thing you should bear in mind is the fact that the serving sizes are actually smaller than you probably imagine, and to get your daily recommended supply you should eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every single day. The simple truth of the matter is you will only be needing to add your fruits and vegetables at the rate of 1 cup a per meal in order to be consuming the amount of fruits and vegetables you should be eating daily. Another thing you need to remember is that there are a wide variety of vegetables and fruits that you can eat every day which will help you from becoming bored.

Many individuals end up getting hungry throughout the day between their meals and you will also find that this would be a good time to substitute a bag of potato chips for an apple or some broccoli. You should also make sure that your eating a wide variety of veggies and fruits that come in all different colors and sizes. One of the primary reasons for this is because you are going to wind up getting different nutrients from different colored veggies and fruits in order to get the minerals and vitamins you need.

Should you be one of the many people that don't like vegetables, you will probably find that mixing vegetables with fruit in a juicer may be a good method to get the servings you need. For those of you who may decide that juicing your fruits and veggies is really a good idea, try and look for a juicer that uses the whole fruit and vegetable rather than just extracting the juice. Loads of the minerals and vitamins are discovered in the pulp and in the skin of the vegetables and fruits which is why it is important to consume these as much as you can.

Five to nine servings of fruits and vegetable is what it will take right now if you want to get all the nutrition you can for a healthy mind and body. Do not forget, for individuals who don't feel that you can eat this much each day, juicing will additionally be a terrific option to still make sure you're obtaining the vitamins and minerals you need.

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Dating may seem to be acceptable only for the younger generations, but now more than ever adults are joining the game. The dating scene for adults may seem like it is an unbeatable task, because all of their glory years are behind them. Adults are engaging in many of the activities that younger people seem to be prominent in. The introduction of technology to the masses makes dating easier than ever for the senior daters. Dating websites make finding someone a breeze, because all that has to be done now is sign up for a website, and find people with similar interests. Adults who are approaching their elder years do not have to worry about jumping into the game anymore.

Being older may cause people to think that they are no longer accepted, because they do not look like they did in their prime. Being selfconscious will not help in the dating game at all it will make adults too afraid to even leave their houses. If you are older it doesnt mean you have nothing to offer someone else there are other adults looking for relationships as well. Making a list of what may have attracted the opposite sex to you in the past, will likely be the same characteristics that will attract people to you now. Dont doubt yourself because you are older. Your experiences in life make you unique.

Always make sure to evaluate what you are looking for in a potential partner. At an older age there are different needs for a relationship compared to the younger age group. Teenagers are usually searching for looks and a fun person, since they do not know much about life yet. Being an older adult means you have an advantage on the younger people, because you have lived life and know what to you want from it. Put together what you need in your life right now, such as are you looking to have a relationship just for fun Or the reason you are looking for a significant other is because you sincerely want someone to share your life with Either of these is okay because you know what your needs and requirements are.

Dating websites can help any adult find a partner that has the same interests as themselves. These websites make you fill out a compatibility form during the sign up process. By doing this you are letting the websites search engines know what to look for in a partner. You will always be matched up with someone that has the same interests and characteristics as yourself. Sometimes this can be a bad thing though at an older age, because you may not want someone like yourself. Wanting someone different isnt as weird as it sounds, because it means the person may teach you a few new things.

Visiting a social event that may be occurring in your area will give you a chance to meet someone in person. If you attend an event that you have interest in, then the odds of you finding someone with similar interests are vast. Make sure that before heading out you clean up a little bit, since you may not be at the peak of your appearance anymore. This will show a potential partner that even though you are older, you still enjoy taking care of yourself.

I have written for many websites covering topics ranging from relationships to entertainment. I have a lot of personal experiences with relationships which makes me qualified to give advice about it. Als... View profile

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So, about me I am a fulltime student. Obviously Im on break right now, but will be starting again in January. I am halfway to my bachelors in clinical psychology, but am also persuing my degree in applied behavioral sciences, as well as a minor in japanese culture hey, why not

I work fulltime. I love my job, am passionate about my job and look forward to going... most days.

Unfortunately, between being at school or until almost x everyday and working until x everyday I am not in class, I have very little time for my daughter. I have a friendly nor do I drink very often. Once every couple of months, if that. I love to read, discover new music, clean my house its a novel concept, at least, watch new movies, knit, paint though I have no talent. Its just a medium I find easily manipulated and a lot of fun to play with, study religions, do yoga, meditate, occassionally I like to work out, but to be quite honest I dont really have much time. I love to cook and to bake. Also, I am vegan and while I dont mind the occassional friendly debate about it, if you want to attack who I am as a person or my moral standing on meatdairy consumption, dont even bother. Im not the kind of vegan to you a gross, smelly pig for eating meat. You can do whatever you want with your body, its your right. But I might tell you about all the delicious vegan food I cook. I love to talk about food

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Keep Your Children Safe Online With The Following Tips

There are horrifying stories that we have all heard about regarding what can happen to children online like cyber-bullying and online predators.

The media makes things seem a lot more common than they are and they focus mostly on the bad news. When it comes to your children and their safety there are some things that you should definitely be careful about. In this article we will look at some ways that will help to keep your children safe when they are on the internet.

Talk about internet safety to your children. Tell them that you're worried about them, and when you're asking them questions about what they're doing online, or when you're placing limits on their usage, let them know you're doing it to protect them. Of course, children might not appreciate this but they might feel more at ease talking to you if they've got a problem. Make sure that they understand the potential dangers of being online, and that not everyone is honest when they reveal information about themselves. Your kids will be safer by simply talking to them openly about your concerns or worries, and allowing them to inform you about anything that's making them feel uncomfortable.

If you are a child and have friends, and would like some privacy, your parents will want to know everything you are doing, but it just shows that they care. There's a good reason for this, as you want to protect your child from possibly harmful influences. The same holds true online, and in some ways you have to be even more careful on the internet. It is easy enough for the parent to get sucked in, so even more so with young children. When you are on the internet, you are asked to give personal information all of the time, so make sure you get it across to your children how harmful it can be to give out certain information. Your phone number, or where you live are bits of information your children must not give out online, especially to strangers.

Many predators are lurking in chatrooms, and plenty of other places, with the sole purpose of seeking out children. Predators, according to the FBI, meet unsuspecting children most often in public chatrooms. Modern life has many good things, but a lot bad, also. Young children don't know enough to keep from being taken advantage of, so without parental supervision, they should not be allowed in a chatroom. The internet, especially chatrooms, is not a very trusting place, and children need to learn not to believe what anyone tells them, and watch what they reveal online. AIM or AOL Instant Messenger is another area you should pay attention to, because next to chatrooms this is the next likely place for predators.

onducted at Sanam Luang, in which farmers believe, is able to forecast the abundance of the next rice crop. The event is a result of a series of ceremonies that are conducted by Phraya Raek Na, portrayed by a highranking official from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives who wears colourful traditional costumes. This ceremony was reintroduced in by King Bhumibol Adulyadej and is considered the official commencement of the ricegrowing season.

To display their loyalty and to honour Queen Sirikit on the occasion of her royal birthday, the Thai people decorate their houses and public buildings. Around Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the area around the Grand Palace and other wellknown locations are bedecked with coloured lights and magnificent adornments.

The King and Queen preside over this impressive annual event, held in the Royal Plaza near the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn. Dressed in colourful uniforms, amid much pomp and ceremony, members of the elite Royal Guards swear allegiance to the King and march past members of the Royal Family.

There is an average of four million readers for more than Bangkok based newspapers, one of which, Thai Rath, sells over a million copies a day.

Bangkok also has two major Englishlanguage dailies, the Bangkok Post and The Nation and the new freesheet, The Daily Xpress. The Asian Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune are printed in Bangkok and have high distribution numbers. There are also a number of weekly publications normally published on Fridays that deal with political issues. Other publications, such as lifestyle and entertainment magazines are also plentiful.

Many gossip and fashion magazines are also published in Bangkok, especially after the launch of the Bangkok Fashion City project in . Since then, United Broadcasting Corporation UBC, or now True Visions, the Thai cable operator, has launched a new channel devoted to Thai fashion as well as a Thai edition of E Entertainment television.

Chalerm Krung Theater and the National Theater have been in operation since the early th century whereas the newer Thailand Cultural Center hosts a variety of plays and events.

Bangkok has dozens of cinema multiplexes, and the city hosts two major film festivals annually, the Bangkok International Film Festival and the World Film Festival of Bangkok. Art link

The arts in Bangkok have well developed almost exclusively and anonymously in the services of Theravada Buddhism since the golden age in Ayutthaya period and continuing to the present day by incorporating Western elements which is called the Rattanakosin or Bangkok style. Nowadays, the modern art scene is centered around Bangkok as the capital of contemporary art in the region, while traditional art can be found in many commercial areas in the old city as well as temples and palaces throughout the city. There are also a number of artists who prefer to live and work outside the metropolis. The number of artists is constantly on the rise, so an increasing variety of works are available on the art market. Many art galleries in Bangkok tend to sell work restricted to traditional rural motifs. The artists creating this type of art are often influenced by traditional Buddhist beliefs and motifs, and are popular among the general Thai public. Nevertheless, some Thai artists are breaking away from these norms by addressing more controversial issues in their work, for example the loss of traditional values and the obsession with money in todays society.

Bangkok is home to the National Gallery of Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art and Thailand Creative Design Center as well as many other museums, concert halls, theatres, and art galleries. It is home to the Thailand Cultural Centre and the National Theatre. Sport link

Modern sports have been introduced to the people of Bangkok dating back a century by King Chulalongkorn. Horse racing followed by golf began in Bangkok over years ago when the king bestowed land for the first race course. The objective of His Majesty was to introduce and promote the quality of horse racing and breeding in Thailand, while providing sporting facilities of international standards for Thailand. Today, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the capital and one of the most famous sport events in the region. Bangkok has hosted the Asian Games four times, in , , and . Bangkok was also the host of the first SEA Games in and Summer Universiade in .

Bangkoks popular modern sports are football, golf, bowling and horse racing. The city has many famous football clubs such as Bangkok United F.C., BEC Tero Sasana F.C. with a number of international class football stadiums as well as many golf courses and bowling alleys throughout the city. The popular traditional sports are Muay Thai. Fights can be seen in two major boxing stadiums in the city Rajadamnern Stadium along with Lumpini Stadium, Takraw, which is played in open spaces throughout the city, and kite fighting, which is easy to see in the centre of the old city. Sanam Luang, on the north side of Wat Phra Kaew, is transformed each year around February from a sedate little patch of greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle into an ongoing kite festival as locals come to the park to practice the art of flying kites.

Bangkok features a number of sports clubs including the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Royal Turf Club of Bangkok, Krungthep Kreetha Sports Club, Rajapruk Sport Club North Park, Royal Thai Police Sports Club, Piyarom Sports Club, Southerners Sports Club and the British Club, which was established in Bangkok in .

Bangkok has several concentration areas of people of foreign origin. Yaowarat Road is the home of Bangkoks sizable Chinatown, while those of Indian ethnicity have congregated around Pahurat Road. At the West End of Silom Road was the first European community in Bangkok called the old Farang Quarter. The Portuguese Embassy operates from and was the first embassy to be established in the capital, with their community around the Santa Cruz Church on the Thonburi side. The Haroon Mosque, a small, attractive stucco building is used by the local Muslim population. The French Embassy was the second to be established in the area within walking distance from the Assumption cathedral, one of the biggest building in the area, still serving the community. Along Sukhumvit Road communities of Japanese are around Phrom Phong, Koreatown can be found around Asok Station and the nearby Nana Station is dense with Arab and African cultures and food, Little Africa neighborhood can be found here. Urban lifestyle link

Many residents leave town on weekends to visit seaside resorts such as Hua Hin, Chaam, and Pattaya. Others return home to visit elderly relatives in Isan and the northern provinces. Saturday is somewhat considered a work day to many of the residents of Bangkok.

Religion does not play a very influential role in the capital as it would compared to other cities. However, a good proportion of the population remains devout and offers daily alms to the monks who walk their neighbourhoods. Muslims are often either assimilated entirely by the Thai or live in remote parts of the city such as the Nong Chok district where traditional Thai Muslims still live. Current issues link

Bangkok has long been notorious for its massive traffic jams, which are still a serious problem. The recent construction of the elevated secondlevel, thirdlevel and fourthlevel expressways, many tunnels and flyovers, BTS and MRT systems, four new SRT lines and BRT Bangkok has eased some of the congestion along specific corridors, but has done little to alleviate overall congestion. The major reason is the continued popularity of private automobiles, and extensive consumer credit for automobile purchases.

Environmental issues such as air pollution, a large part of which is caused by the traffic and dirt left on streets from construction projects, was a major problem. Industrial pollution has also contributed to poor air and water quality. Though sulfur dioxide and ozone levels have fallen substantially, PM particulate matter still exceeds health standards in some areas. However, the large volume of trash in the canals must be cleaned out by other means. Mold growth is ubiquitous in Bangkok, as the wet tropical climate makes it grow, and many residents simply ignore it.

As in many other Asian cities, the sale of illegally copied copyrightprotected material, mostly software and DVD movies, is widespread in Bangkok, but technically illegal. Crime link

Foreign residents and tourists alike complain of widespread scams and blatant price gouging. Elaborate gem store scams, involving earning the trust of a shopper by a westerner who is in cooperation with local merchants, have robbed tourists of thousands of dollars,

although overcharging is more of a common occurrence. Commissionbased profiteering is common for restaurants, hotels, and other kinds of businesses. The Tourist Police lack police powers and are largely responsible for writing out reports for insurance companies for victims of theft. In more serious cases, they will translate reports to be passed on to the regular police in Bangkok. Also, despite stringent drug laws, the illegal drug trade continues to thrive. Sex adult chat 2ecffabef

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Adultfreecamchat Visit My Web Page Gqwerpo765NbMM St. Petersburg in figures International and Interregional Ties. . . Retrieved June .

Agreement of Sister City Relations. . httpoffice.bangkok.go.thiadengviewpage.phppageid . Retrieved June .

Istanbul and Bangkok Become Sister Cities. . httphaber.turk.netENGgenIstanbulandBangkokBecomeSisterCities . Retrieved February .

This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiBangkok

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The Secrets To Overcome Frequent Fatigue

As a child you may recall that you always had a zest for life and the only time you felt exhausted was just before going to bed. Surely this is the intention with life. Work and play hard throughout the day, then sleep deeply and be refreshed upon arising. Perhaps with age you have become like many other individuals, constantly feeling worn out and lethargic. It generally translates into limited quality time with your kids and your spouse, and non-participation in activities, because you are too exhausted. Here are some tips that will help you beat feeling exhausted always.

The first thing to do is to eliminate any possible medical-related reasons, so have a thorough checkup with your doctor. It may also be the case that specific foods cause you to feel the way you do and this needs you to monitor your diet and energy levels. Constant tiredness in some cases points to gluten intolerance, and to fix this requires a significant dietary adjustment. It can of course just be a generally unhealthy diet that causes you to feel fatigued constantly and so a number of changes here can make a huge difference. If you are carrying excess weight your energy level will most certainly be affected, which means you should focus on improving your daily eating routine.

When you were a young child you were probably on the move most of the time, dashing around joyfully, and maybe this invigorated you and kept your apparent level of energy up. Part of the process of aging seems to be that people become less active and do simply nothing quite a lot more than when they were younger. It could be that just a simple change of moving about more by going for a walk or getting work done in your garden in the fresh air will make you less fatigued. It might be the last thing on your mind when you are exhausted but by starting to take some exercise, you may start to reverse the undesirable effects of an inactive lifestyle. Something which could be enjoyable as well as introduce the possibility of new friendships, is joining a keep fit class, which today is available for all ages.

An excessive amount of stress in your life will leech your energy and could show itself as exhaustion even with a night's sleep. It may also impact on how well you sleep, so learning how to chill out is important. This can actually be coupled with making a commitment to exercise based on the sort of activity you choose. Furthermore, you should notice that you are able to sleep better and awake feeling restored.

If you follow these suggestions you should start to feel less tired and have much more energy in your life.

elebrating the th anniversary of the birth of Darwin and marking years since On the Origin of Species was published. Darwins concept of the evolution of species through natural selection revolutionized our understanding of nature and our place within it.

Notes Can artists work with animals as equals Interspecies uses artistic strategies to stimulate dialogue about the way we view the relationship between human and nonhuman animals, in the year of celebrations of Darwins birth years ago. Interspecies comprises new works by four artists Nicolas Primat, Kira OReilly, Antony Hall and Ruth Maclennan, and existing pieces by Rachel Mayeri, Beatriz Da Costa and Kathy High. All the artists in Interspecies question the onesided manipulation of nonhuman life forms for art. They instead try to absorb the animals point of view as a fundamental part of their work and practice.

Notes Two Bay Area artists, Christine Lee and David King working in different mediums shared a month art residency at SF Recycling Disposal. During their residency both artists scavenged all of their materials from the public disposal area, aka the dump. The artistinresidence program at San Franciscos dump is a oneofakind program started in to encourage people to conserve natural resources and instill in children and adults an increased appreciation for the environment as well as art. Over professional Bay Area artists have completed residencies. Applications are accepted annually in August from professional artists from the Bay Area.

Location INDOC, Art and Nature Documentation Centre, Beulas C Doctor Artero sn Huesca, Spain.

Notes The project The Times of a Place brings together work by a number of artists exploring questions of time, various temporalities that share the common denominator of being developed in the natural environment.

The Times of a Place can be understood as the conjugation of a landscape. It enables the transition of the term landscape from its nominal condition to a verbal condition it allows it to shift from a noun to a verb, as W.J.T. Mitchell advocated. The pieces comprising this exhibition take their references from landscapes which are ultimately developed and shown as places, with place understood as a much broader and more ambivalent concept. In turn, place becomes a much more dense, rounded and complex term given that it incorporates the factor of time.

Places become time capsules where events accumulate, layered like strata, and where the gaze activates the possible pasts of these places. The place dynamises the possible political meanings of a specific landscape, through the time its condenses. Participating Artists ROBERT SMITHSON, STAN BRAKHAGE, CHRIS WELSBY, JAMES BENNING, TACITA DEAN, PATRICIA DAUDER, DARREN ALMOND, BERYL KOROT, MELIK OHANIAN.

Notes The New Landscape will bring together artists working in Cornwall who have, in different ways, been inspired by the landscape. One of the distinctive features of art made in Cornwall over a number of generations has been its relationship to the landscape. In recent years in Cornwall artistic representations of the landscape have taken a large number of forms beyond traditional painting. Increasingly, newer media, like video and digital photography, have become important, often as a way of documenting interventions or performances in the landscape. This exhibition will show a wide variety of work in a range of media, which all share a relationship with the Cornish landscape.

Notes The Center for Land Use Interpretation is a research organization based in Culver City, California, involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. Texas Oil Landscape of an Industry will be the culmination of the CLUIs study of Texas and will show how the extraction and refining of oil has sculpted the states terrain.

The exhibition will open with a landscan video, an extended aerial shot of petroleum refineries and shipping yards that shows the massive scale of these places. In addition to this projection, the galleries will be filled with CLUI photographs and texts on many different sites across the Lone Star State from west Texas oil towns such as Odessa and Kermit to petrochemical processing centers on the Gulf Coast and everywhere inbetween. These places tell the incredible and often surprising story of an industry that fuels our civilization by using deposits of hydrocarbons to create gasoline, fertilizers, plastics, and many other products.

Notes The Arts Council of New Orleans is pleased to partner with AORTA Projects to celebrate two sitespecific art projects in Gentilly, both supported by the Joan Mitchell Foundation. Christopher Saucedos Flood Marker and Jacqueline Bishops Field Guide share the same stretch of Franklin Avenue in front of the historic Milne Boys Home. Please join us Saturday Jan th from a.m. p.m to meet the artists and enjoy this unique setting for contemporary art.

Christopher Saucedos, Flood Marker, is a nomadic monolith at rest. The piece is an , lb freestanding and monumental granite block of water with , waves carved into the stone, one wave for each life lost to the water. Field Guide consists of simple black bird stencils that were individually cut from original drawings and painted with Industrial Zone and Marking paint directly onto the pavement of the Milne Boys Home driveway. This installation hopes to celebrate and raise consciousness about our unique and fragile environment.

Notes The South London Gallery presents a new film work by Danish collective Superflex entitled Flooded McDonalds. This will be their first solo show in London. From largescale installations, through to longterm processbased projects and, more recently, films, Superflexs work is founded in economic and political awareness. They create works inspired by the points where definitions and possibilities of art become blurred.

Flooded McDonalds is a new film work in which a convincing lifesize replica of the interior of a McDonalds burger bar, without any customers or staff present, gradually floods with water. Furniture is lifted up by the water, trays of food and drinks start to float around, electrics short circuit and eventually the space becomes completely submerged. Without being didactic, Flooded McDonalds hints at the consumerdriven power and influence, but also impotence, of large multinationals in the face of climate change. Without pointing the finger at anyone, the film questions with whom ultimate responsibility lies.

Notes Jamie McHughs contemporary abstract photography from the California coast moves the boundary between photography and painting, capturing the commonplace and revealing its underlying magic. The digital images are minimally altered, showcasing natures rich colors, textures and forms. These archival chromagenic prints are mounted on aluminum with a recessed back frame so the image can float in space boundary less. They are also covered with a UVprotective laminate so there is no separation between the art and the viewer, allowing for an intimate connection. Jamie McHugh is a somatic coach and fine art photographer. He exhibits throughout California and is represented by Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio in San Francisco. Open Tuesdays Saturdays ampm.

Notes The exhibition project For A Completely Different Climate, curated by Marco Scotini, deals with an emerging social movement that questions and selectively fights the response or nonresponse of states and corporations to climate change.

This leftist movement has the potential to mobilize especially in Britain, where in August a Climate Camp was organized to close the Kingsnorth coalfired power station east of London. Although the Kingsnorth station will be shut down, the energy corporation E.ON plans to build, at the same location, a new coalfired power station that will assure profits for the next few decades. This project completely

conflicts with the necessary goal of reducing CO emissions. Preventing a new coalfired powerplant in Kingsnorth is of great symbolic value, since a successful resistance could mean the end of other planned projects for coalfired powerplants elsewhere in Britain.

search protocols and information sheets that identify state repression. Open Tue to Sat, ...

In addition, the festival features an international symposium on the role of art and urban design in the citys development, city walks and talks by ecoexperts, ecocycling and ecobus tours around the city, film screenings, performances, a concert and more For more details, visit our website. Commissioned by the GoetheInstitut Max Mueller Bhavan and GTZ German Technical Organization. Artistic Director and Curator Pooja Sood.

Notes IMPLANT REDUX is an offshoot of IMPLANT, originally on view at The UBS Art Gallery from August to October . The installation of this exhibition at The Horticultural Society of New York recontextualizes the concepts inspired by Michael Pollans book The Botany of Desire put forth in the original exhibition, reimagining the works on view in an absorbing environment defined by plant life. Bisexual Chat usa - Free Chat Rooms. 3beadd1e2

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Notes Planet in Focus is Canadas premiere environmental film and video festival. We also house North America largest collection of environmental film and videos. Our festival attracts thousands of attendees and we use our archive of environmental film works to create screenings across the planet throughout the year.

Notes Bamboo, leaves, branches, flowers, pods and other wonders of nature are the inspiration and the materials for this spontaneous collaborative artistic expression. Join in, get creative, and have a blast while appreciating and honoring nature in a new way. Time am pm.

The Arena, hosted by ACCI Gallery, will be located at the corner of Lincoln Street and Shattuck Avenue, next to ACCI Gallery. Admission to the festival, which extends from Virginia to Rose on Shattuck Avenue in North Berkeley, is free. The festival includes music on two stages, culinary demos, arts, crafts, and food vendors, and a silent auction.

Notes Legions of artists are currently directing their creative ingenuity toward solving urgent environmental challenges, infusing society with promise. Hosted by Linda Weintraub, author of AvantGuardians Textlets in Art and Ecology. With Betsy Damon, whose installations restore waterways while creating community art spaces John Francis, aka Planetwalker, whose art practice models a conscientious ecolifestyle Greywater Guerrillas Laura Allen and Christina Bertea, a collaborative group of educators, designers, builders and artists who empower people to build sustainable water culture and infrastructure and Sharon Siskin, communitybased public artist addressing such crucial environmental issues as AIDS, the homeless, and waste management. Part of the Bioneers Confrence. pm.

Notes The Bioneers Conference is an acclaimed leadingedge forum where you can see tomorrow today a future environment of hope. Social and scientific innovators focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. These visionaries are already creating a healthy, equitable, diverse and beautiful world, our legacy for future generations and the web of life on which our lives depend. Here you can connect with hundreds or thousands of engaged folks making a real difference. Please see website for detailed information.

Notes Haven Arts presents the Green , with Sculpture, painting, photography, fiber art, and collage will be on display, from ten eco artists, or artists using recycled materials. Participants include Bob Braine, Jacob Bluestone, Gian Pietro Carriozza, Janet Culbertson, Nickolas Laskot, Indian artist Marishka, Walter Mason, Catherine Pena, Sarah Nicole Phillips, and Ustya Tarnawsky. Also presenting are seven organizations or individuals who are engaged in greening their communities Alliance For Climate Protection, Columbia University MA program in Urban Design, Friends of Brook Park, South Bronx CSA, Program, South Bronx Food Coop, and architect Juan Carlos Taino.

On Wednesday, Oct. from to pm there will be a Green Authors Talk, with Lori Bongiorno author of Green, Greener, Greenest A Practical Guide to Making EcoSmart Choices a Part of Your Life and Eugene Linden author of eight books, including The Winds of Change Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilizations and The Future is in Plain Sight Nine Clues to the Coming Instability.

Notes Photographs of recent ephemeral nature sculptures by environmental artist Zach Pine will be included in this group show produced by the oldest artists cooperative west of the Mississippi. The show features two and threedimensional works of art from rebuilt, found, recycled, and natural objects.

Location Exploratoriums McBean Theater, Palace of Fine Arts, Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA .

Time p.m. p.m., Tickets . Participants include Sam Bower, Susan Leibovitz Steinman, WEAD Patricia Watts, ecoartspace Peter Richards, Exploratorium and special guest Shai Zakai, Israeli Ecoart Forum.

Notes EngineerArtist Mark Fischer will give a presentation on Whalesong Art, from to pm on October th, , at The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington, USA. For eight years Mr. Fischer has been researching ways to visualize the sounds of birds, whales and dolphins. Recent work includes investigations of the sounds of the Minke whale, the subject of research whaling near Antarctica, the sounds of the north Pacific Blue whale and tropical birds native to Kauai.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Utne Reader, The Weekly Reader, Greenpeace Germany, NRDCs OnEarth, the Discovery Channel magazine, GEO, Odyssey and Expressions magazines, San Diego Union Tribune, and AAHAs Trends.

Notes Scientists are investigating it, world leaders are discussing it, polar bears are living it, and artists are doing what artists do making art about it. In the exhibition Global Warming at the Icebox, Philadelphia Sculptors will be providing a platform for artists to express their creativity as they give visual form to the many ramifications of climate change. This major sculpture exhibition will take place in the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphias Crane Arts Building.

Michael Alstad Canada, Stacy Levy US, Miguel Luciano Puerto Rico, Chicory Miles US and Shai Zakai Israel will all be traveling to Philadelphia to install their latest works. Global Warming at the Icebox is organized and curated

by Leslie Kaufman, President of Philadelphia Sculptors, and Cheryl Harper, Independent Curator. Free and open to the public.

Notes On view from October , through January , at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, Digital is the result of an international open call that invited entrants to examine their environmental concerns, indulge their fantasies, and then share their digital visions of how a sustainable future might look.

This exhibition explores topics from physical and digital recycling, as well as an imaginative, new alternative energy source the fragility of nature in relation to its sustainability and ours the promises of science and biotechnology, and the healing power of music the loss of our natural heritage marked in time while from less downtoearth perspectives come suggestions of there being more to matter than meets the eye as well as the celebration of a more holistic, cosmic consciousness that sees man as part of rather than separate from nature.

Notes Global interest in the intersections of nature and culture has broadened in recent years. In this expanding field, contemporary artists and designers have reenvisioned the concept of environment. To better understand the ideas shaping this dialogue, the Nevada Museum of Art will host creative practitioners whose works explore natural, built and virtual environments.

Come, join us to talk about how and why art has become just as important as science in understanding the nature of environments. Were bringing together artists, designers, writers and scientists from around the country to discuss how they changeand are changed bythe natural, built and virtual environments in which they work. See website for details including how to register.

Location Nevada Museum of Art, Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts, E. L. Wiegand Gallery, West Liberty Street, Reno, NV.


Enhance Your Diet Regime With These 5 Suggestions

These days, people are concerned with improving their diets mostly to feel a little healthier by losing a little weight. Making changes to your diet is a good thing, of course, but it requires tons of commitment because it's hard to stay with it day after day. A quick hint: Never change everything right away - I can guarantee you, based on my own experience, that changing your healthy diet a little at a time is the most beneficial way to go. Simply add in healthier foods and phase out unhealthy foods. Following are 5 Suggestions to enhance the healthiness of your current diet:

1) Begin With Managing Your Weight Loss Program

An excessive amount of any one kind of food is always bad for you. As with the majority of lifestyle choices, food included, the answer is moderation. Eat adequate carbohydrates to maintain your energy. Eat some fats, as they are extremely important nutritionally - just do not get carried away with the "bad" fats. Eat quite a lot of protein to maintain the wellness of your cells. Fiber is important too - you want your digestive tract to remain healthy and active.

2) Reduce The Amount Of Your Helpings

Keep your portions modest. Simply because food is on your plate does NOT mean your ought to eat it. We may be feeling extremely hungry so we consume a large plate of food and after that feel absolutely stuffed afterwards. It's a horrible circle - you eat more and your stomach grows, so you need a great deal more food to feel full and therefore eat more . . . and round you go. You don't have to slash your portions down to nothing, merely approach it slowly; take only a little less food each time until eventually your stomach gets used to it, and repeat.

3) Bring Fruits And Veggies Into Your Diet Program

Surely try to include a lot more fruit and veggies, as they are a essential part of any diet. The vitamins and minerals they provide are very important to your body's proper performance. Every single day you should make an effort to eat at least 5 helpings of fruit or vegetables. That means anything like apples, bananas, green beans, lettuce, broccoli, grapes, etc. It is not too difficult!

4) Spend Some Time

It's important to eat your meals slowly and gradually as it can take your brain around 20 minutes to realize you happen to be full up. This is a big explanation for people overeating; these people eat a big meal and after 10 minutes they really don't feel full so they eat more food. In an additional ten minutes we sit on our butts, stuffed. Always settle in, take pleasure in your surroundings and relish your meal at a nice, easygoing pace.

5) Never Consume A Lot Of Sugar

Sugar adds a nice sweet taste to the majority of things you put it in, therefore it's no wonder all of us like it so much. You can't really get rid of sugar from your diet but you can at any rate try to limit your sugar intake. When selecting a desert go for something with less sugar content or better yet eat some fruit. If you must drink soft drinks, always opt for the diet varieties.

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Resolved Question Show me another Anyone know a number for free phone chat lines not sex lines but where you talk with people in your area. a f
anyone know a number for free phone chat lines not sex lines but where you talk with people in your area. a friend had a number that was free so help out if u can
Nope. Just go on Craigs List or a local chat room and ask if anyone wants to talk on the phone. Id beware of places that say theyre free... Im sure they are, but only for like five minutes or something.
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Children On The Internet And How To Protect Them

Having to police your children when they are on the Internet is not the best way to teach them how to be safe. Is there a way to not watch them all the time, but still protect them? If parents have been raising their children right, then they should be able to trust that they will do the right thing. Looking over someone's shoulder or spying is not necessarily a very good way to give guidance. It is good to give your children some freedom as they grow up, and the following hints will provide some protection while they are online.

Sometimes it is other children that are from your child's school or neighborhood rather than an anonymous predator. Bullying and harassment that occurs online is described as cyber-

bullying now. It can happen on emails, social networks or even instant messages. Unfortunately because of these tactics, some children have committed suicide.

Your child needs to feel free to talk to you about things like this, just in case they do reach this extreme. There are several things that you can do if you find out your child is being bullied online, such as telling the site the bully is using, informing the school of the other child or contacting their parents.

Your duty as a parent is protecting your children, but watch how you are doing it. When you forbid your children, or spy on them too closely, they will look for ways when you are not looking. Sometimes the easiest way to get children to do something is to tell them how bad it is for them, so just not allowing internet use probably won't work. Whether offline or online it doesn't make any difference, there is no way that you can protect your children all the time. You should be aware of what your child is doing online and who his online friends are, but that doesn't mean you have to watch every keystroke. Protecting your children is to keep them from becoming a victim, and that is what you should try to teach them.

In This Article We're Going To Be Looking At The Many Benefits Of Garlic

Folks nowadays are trying to live a healthier life and you are going to see that by adding garlic into your daily diet this can have an advantageous affect on your health. A thing that may surprise you to discover is that garlic has been used for over 3000 years as a method to combat certain diseases and illnesses. Although most doctors will wind up prescribing medication to to deal with certain ailments they're going to not dispute the fact that garlic can have amazing affects on many diseases and illnesses. On this page we're going to be taking a look at a few of the things which garlic can be used for along with some of the health advantages related to it.



A thing that many men and women are not aware of is that garlic in fact has anti bacterial an antiviral characteristics, although not nearly as potent as penicillin. Obviously if you are continuously using garlic each day something you might find out would be that your body will be able to fight off infection before it gets to the point where more powerful medicines are needed. If you do some research on the net you are going to discover that garlic is usually recommended above all other natural products with regards to being used as a natural antibiotic. One final thing I would like to point out is that you are going to actually have the ability of increasing the effect of garlic fighting bacterial and viral infections by ensuring you are taking it with vitamin C supplements.


If you are at risk of or even currently have diabetes, you are going to discover that a steady diet of garlic will be something which can help with this concern. The combination of B1 and garlic can help your body to start producing the insulin that is supposed to be producing every single day. Most people who suffer from diabetes have this because there pancreas is not functioning correctly in this combination of garlic and vitamins could in fact end up curing your diabetes.


Another thing that folks do not understand is that garlic can in fact end up reducing your cholesterol in accordance with the National Health & Medical research council. It has been proven that folks who have high cholesterol can end up lowering their cholesterol level by up to 9% by simply consuming one clove of garlic each day.


And along with lowering your cholesterol levels you are going to find that you are able to also reduce your blood pressure levels at the same time. The ingredients in the garlic actually enlarges your blood vessels making the blood flow much more smoothly throughout your body, thereby lowering your high blood pressure. And one final thing I should point out is that when you actually do lower your high blood pressure you are decreasing the risks of having a heart attack or stroke because of this.